March 22, 2012











No Appeal

Pale blue eyes
Linger on the window
Looking for a place we used to be

Somewhere beyond
Good and evil
Is something I’m tired enough to be

The rockets’ red glare
Bombs bursting in air
A mother with a dead child in her arms

Saw all my friends
Meet their end
For what I still can’t say

Damn these eyes
For all that they’ve seen
Blacken my lips and never speak

The roads that we take
The choices we make
Are mapped out for heaven or for hell

But I remember all the good times
My first home run
My first kiss
My wife
But all the demons
Have dragged me down

Doesn’t matter what I’ve done
A list of sins
Pick one
My life is nothing you can steal
No appeal

© Christopher McNeely, 2012


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