March 22, 2012









Fall For This

River flowing under me
Better build a bridge over it
Admonitions aimed at me
Spoken from a fiery pulpit

Roads that run away from me
Are ribbons tied to absent brothers
Pull on them and you will drown
In ancient tears of crying mothers

One more night
One more chance
To burn a little less bright
And melt this candle away
Before the break of day

Everybody knows the sound
When silent dreams come crashing to the ground
But still we pick them up
And wish them back to life

And everybody goes to sleep
Remembering the vows that they won’t keep
But still we hurl them out
When we’re up against the knife

Water dripping from a tap
I should have fixed a year ago
Barren trees in my backyard
So withered that no fruit will grow

Standing by the lake
Standing by the sea
Either I cover the waterfront or it’ll cover me
I used to be a ripple
Now I’m the boat

Light three fires
Signals for a crew
Of shipwrecked liars
Trying to talk their way back to life
At the point of a knife

Every time the words recede
We promise that we won’t secede
But still we spit them out
The next time we’re aroused

And every time the pain subsides
It finds a better place to hide
Until it comes crawling back
And fools us with a kiss

And that’s the way,
The way we fall for this

© Christopher McNeely, 2012


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